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Magnetic Laptop Phone mount

Magnetic Laptop Phone mount

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Material: Aluminum alloy/Plastic
Size: 12*3*0.5cm
Weight: 60g
Model: Universal to All Laptops with Flat Backside


Strong Adhesion, Stable and Firm - Keep the phone stable 

Simple Operation, Put it On and Adheres - 

Portable and Lightweight - Slim design, easy to carry with the laptop

With 3M Sticker tape, Strong Adsorption - Use the 3M sticker, can be used repeatedly and does not leave stains on the phone or laptop

Dual Screen Connection - Keeps a healthy work surrounding, makes work more efficient, maintain a good working vision.


Introducing our innovative Magnetic Laptop Phone Mount, the perfect accessory to enhance your productivity and convenience while working or studying on your laptop! Designed with a sleek and compact build, this mount is a game-changer when it comes to multitasking and staying connected.

Crafted using high-quality materials, our Magnetic Laptop Phone Mount ensures a secure and sturdy attachment to your laptop without leaving any marks or scratches. The powerful magnets embedded within the mount create a strong and reliable grip, keeping your phone firmly in place, even during movement or tilting of the laptop.

Setting up the mount is a breeze! Simply attach the adhesive metal plate to the back of your smartphone or its case and align it with the magnet on the mount. The magnetic attraction instantly connects your phone, providing a hands-free and seamless experience.

The 360-degree rotation feature allows you to position your phone at the perfect viewing angle, whether you're video conferencing, watching movies, or following a recipe. The adjustable arm lets you choose the optimal height and distance, ensuring ergonomic comfort and reducing strain on your neck and eyes.

The Magnetic Laptop Phone Mount is not only versatile but also highly portable. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in your laptop bag or backpack, enabling you to transform any workspace into a personalized and efficient workstation on the go. Whether you're in a coffee shop, library, or coworking space, this mount will be your trusted companion.

Experience the benefits of increased productivity, improved multitasking, and seamless connectivity with our Magnetic Laptop Phone Mount. It's the ideal solution for students, professionals, digital nomads, and anyone who wants to optimize their laptop usage while staying effortlessly connected to their smartphone. Upgrade your laptop experience today!

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